About us

ForTeam is a knowledge company consisting of experts who have gained experience in various professional fields. In development and organizational change  processes we can put our expertise at the service of our client companies.

We accompany our customer during all stages of the change process: organizational consulting and innovative research, identification of training needs, research and selection of qualified personnel.

In the design and implementation of training programs, we provide tailored innovative solutions; we pay particular attention to the peculiarities of the project, researching the network of professionals who can truly represent the experience and sought professionalism, in line with the needs of the customer’s business development.

The associates

Riccardo Cicolini

Riccardo Cicolini


From 1992 to 2011 he was employed at the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, Department 21 Vocational Training in Italian language at the Scuola Professionale per il Commercio, Turismo e Servizi L. Einaudi (Vocational School for Trade, Tourism and Services): he was involved in educational design, member of the technical-scientific committees and coordinator ESF funded projects with managerial duties. In 2003 he was appointed deputy director and in 2006 staff and funded projects coordinator. From 2008 to 2010 he held the position of Acting Director of the Vocational School for Trade, Tourism and Services.
From 2008 to 2016 he has been president of the Trentino South Tyrol delegation at the Associazione Italiana Formatori (Italian Trainers Association).
Marco Caresia

Marco Caresia


From 2000 to 2012 he was an employee at the Vocational School for Trade, Tourism and Services L. Einaudi, in the role of professor of computer science. From 2006 he was also a designer and coordinator of vocational training, ESF courses in computer science, the internal manager of the ESF accreditation system, responsible for ISO 9001 Quality Assurance, developing skills in the organisation, promotion, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of training programmes (more than 600 editions in vocational training). He was appointed delegate in the e-learning projects and has published several articles on teaching with new technologies.
From 2016 he is president of the Trentino South Tyrol delegation at the Associazione Italiana Formatori (Italian Trainers Association).

Our vision

ForTeam aims at the individual professional development of staff through vocational training and advice in training and organisation.

Thanks to the network of experiences present within the company, we can help organisations and companies in the strategic repositioning and organisational review, identifying with the customer a concrete objective, an effective and decisive “difference in quality”.

And to “make sure that things happen” and make perceptible improvements, innovative approaches and methodologies are used in order to put the focus on people, as the driving force of the strategy and of the change in their enterprise. In fact, the difference in quality within organisations, those lasting and effective, are only accomplished with the real involvement of people, who make a strong covenant between them and with the management, in order to make better use of production factors, in the interest of all stakeholders.

Our approach goes in this direction and through our network of professionals we help you to do these reflections and to make concrete change.

Honing skills, make network and encourage the growth of professional relationships, generate and develop and certify the skills owned in carrying out your business constitute our other purposes.

Our areas


We follow the customer in every phase of the planning and implementation of training projects for the individual and professional development of all levels of the company:

  • Analysis of training needs
  • Research and analysis of calls and the possibility of co-financing
  • Assistance and advice in the accreditation procedures for access to public financing in the training scope
  • Locating pool of professional trainers on the basis of the identified needs
  • Drafting of training plans and related projects
  • Organisation, management and reporting of funding
  • Coordination, tutoring and monitoring of activities
  • Personal and professional empowerment
  • Constant quality control of the entire training process
  • Evaluation of the training effectiveness
  • Secretarial and administrative activities

Research and Innovation

We support organisations in the identification and development of innovative ideas and experimentation with new approaches, new processes and products.

  • Analysis of the organization’s development potential
  • Analysis of the areas of innovation (product, process, market, organisational)
  • Research and analysis of calls and the possibility of co-funding for industrial research and experimental development


We want to support entrepreneurs and help them to take advantage of the various forms of assistance and support provided at EU, national and regional level.

  • European Social Funds
  • European Regional Development Funds
  • Interprofessional funds
  • INAIL funds
  • Provincial funding for the Arts, Innovation and Cooperative

Organizational consulting

We support organisations in their development path and in the achievement of business objectives.

  • Organisational climate analysis
  • Mapping of potential and performance evaluation
  • Quality certification assistance and advice
  • Consultancy in fundraising procedures

Our values

We believe that in the modern society of knowledge, adult lifelong education, skills, professionalism, the innovation requirements are a fundamental, primary and inalienable necessity.

We understand that learning and the network of knowledge-skills are today the first lever for development, growth, continuity and value generation, both in economic and social terms for the individual, the organisation, the local territory and the whole nation.

For us, people must be the real protagonists of their own learning, the change of their behaviour, at the centre of their course of personal professional development within the social, organisational and cultural systems, natural places where individuals express themselves.

Special project

ForTeam is carrying out an innovative project about Virtual Reality in learning:


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