Our areas


We follow the customer in every phase of the planning and implementation of training projects for the individual and professional development of all levels of the company:

  • Analysis of training needs
  • Research and analysis of calls and the possibility of co-financing
  • Assistance and advice in the accreditation procedures for access to public financing in the training scope
  • Locating pool of professional trainers on the basis of the identified needs
  • Drafting of training plans and related projects
  • Organisation, management and reporting of funding
  • Coordination, tutoring and monitoring of activities
  • Personal and professional empowerment
  • Constant quality control of the entire training process
  • Evaluation of the training effectiveness
  • Secretarial and administrative activities

Research and Innovation

We support organisations in the identification and development of innovative ideas and experimentation with new approaches, new processes and products.

  • Analysis of the organization’s development potential
  • Analysis of the areas of innovation (product, process, market, organisational)
  • Research and analysis of calls and the possibility of co-funding for industrial research and experimental development


We want to support entrepreneurs and help them to take advantage of the various forms of assistance and support provided at EU, national and regional level.

  • European Social Funds
  • European Regional Development Funds
  • Interprofessional funds
  • INAIL funds
  • Provincial funding for the Arts, Innovation and Cooperative
  • PNRR – „nationalen Aufbau- und Resilienzplans“

Organizational consulting

We support organisations in their development path and in the achievement of business objectives.

  • Organisational climate analysis
  • Mapping of potential and performance evaluation
  • Quality certification assistance and advice
  • Consultancy in fundraising procedures